Meet The Teacher

Jessica Haberman BA, BEd, MA

Hi!  My name is Jessica Haberman.  I am Head ThreadHead: an experienced OCT certified primary/junior teacher; mom of 3 and an all-around crafty creature.  My idea for ThreadHeads was borne out of my own love for knitting and sewing, and how much joy I remember these pastimes brought me in my own childhood.  Nowadays I love working with kids: seeing how quickly they learn, helping them adopt a growth mindset, watching how creatively they develop.  Creativity and mindfulness come together when kids engage with handwork –  this isn’t just my own musing: both Montessori and Waldorf schools have made handwork an essential part of their curricula.  I believe kids in all schools can benefit from handwork. 

Connection is another central part of ThreadHeads: connection with self, peers, community and elders.  Participants in the workshops often demonstrate a deepening connection with themselves as they work through the inevitable challenges handwork provides: patience as they re-thread their needle; perseverance as they knit their way to the end of a project; grace as they accept their mistakes and learn to appreciate the process.  Kids also connect with one another at the work table: conversations, problem solving, laughter and encouragement are all regular sounds at a ThreadHeads workspace.  

Each week we connect our work to its practical use in everyday life: how we can use our skills to repair our own things, to repurpose old items rather than dispose of them.  Wherever possible we use recycled and repurposed materials in our workshops, diverting materials from landfill and turning them into cherished and useful gifts.  Learning to patch and repair, rather than discard and replace, gives children a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.  Finally, a number of children have found that the work they do in our clubs has given them a new common thread with a grandparent or an elder in their lives.  A new connection is made over a shared pastime to the delight of both young and old.  The threads that bring us together at ThreadHeads reach far beyond our worktable!  

If you think your child’s school might benefit from a lunch or after school club please reach out using our contact form.  Alternatively, have a look and see if one of our P.A. Day Workshops might ft your schedule.  Thanks for reading!

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